Why Us



The Difference


Why Us


We are a solid team of professionals with different industry backgrounds. Coming from top management responsibilities in entrepreneurial projects, multinational corporations, consultancy firms and academy, we all share the same passion for turning ideas into reality.


Over our career we have helped our companies and clients to define and set up their business strategies, managed corporate changes, made many M&A deals, channeled investments and given full support to strategies execution.


We have a global vision due to our accumulated international experience. We are particularly aware of the local needs and solutions that that will work in the different regions where we operate. Having worked with all types of organization’s structures, we are especially aware of the dynamics and circumstances of Family Owned groups.



We are an experienced and efficient team that blends professionals from different strategic sectors and backgrounds, with cross – cultural thinking and management skills. Furthermore, we have an unparalleled network of international experts and practitioners that allows us to create high performing ad-hoc unique teams with the adequate experience and know how for every project.

Core Team

Proven Record


We have successfully developed and managed businesses and solutions with the many organizations we have led and clients we have worked with in our previous assignments. We have faced the most complex business situations and found solutions that brought value.



We have the appropriate access to key players, investors and decision makers. Our worldwide network of experts and practitioners include high caliber CEO’s, top Academics and thought leaders, or subject matter experts.

Market Knowledge


We have a thorough understanding of the culture, market, companies, governments and economic development strategies of the regions where we operate.



A measure of our success is the trust that we generate. It is our main asset and our guide in business.

How We Do Things


A Strategic mind, trust and our proactive attitude could very well define the way we do things.


How We Create Value


We help investors or top managers to maximize the value of their transactions and strategic decisions. There are not two projects or clients alike. 

This is why our approach with every client is 100% customized. Our level of involvement and compensation depends on your needs and the solution we can imagine together.

No matter what sector you work in or the challenge you face, we will help you to find the best solutions. At the end of the day it all boils down to common sense, expertise, global network and a proactive attitude... but we certainly have some lines of services where we can frame our partnership with our clients:



Creation of new strategies or assessment of existing ones, always with our mindset set in the execution of those activities. We do understand what Implementation means and the challenges to be successful in it. We can also help in re-structuring businesses and organizations in need to do so.



Identify and execute the deals that make more sense to your organization, including all the steps in a transaction. Creating the structures and identifying partnerships and funding to implement and execute business opportunities.



We can be part of your Advisory or Fiduciary Board, adding value to your organization’s governance and results

The Difference


The difference between us and the rest is our approach.


When we set out to work we do so with a very strategic and entrepreneurial mindset. We always create, refine, enhance or execute ideas and businesses with a very clear purpose in mind: to maximize value.

We have been able to weave a network of relationships based on trust. In fact, we are proud to say that trust is our most valuable asset.


Team spirit is also a key element of our philosophy.


We are a team inside Linktia and we team up with companies and organizations to create value at all levels.

Thus a strategic and entrepreneurial mind, trust and our collaborative approach towards results, define the way we do things.

Share Your Projects and Thoughts


If you have a project where you think we can help, or just want to share your ideas and check whether we can help you to turn them into results, please do connect with Esteban Gómez Nadal, Linktia’s co-founder and catalyzer of our Advisory practice.

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