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What We Do

Group Profile

Linktia Timeline

Culture, Principles & Values

Investment Philosophy

The Core Team


Entrepreneurial Trail Blazers

We are a combination of entrepreneurs and seasoned world-class experts with a willingness to take informed and calculated risks and find creative solutions to create unique business opportunities.


We are committed and passionate to maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit that helped to create our company. 


We are steadily growing internal capabilities, investor relationships and developing new ways to serve consumers to increase market share, coupled with strategic growth to develop new businesses through acquisitions.

Innovative Thinking

Innovation is the key to the future and we are determined to be innovative: questioning conventional knowledge and wisdom, exploring and creating new ideas, offering new approaches through new products and services understanding that the status quo always need to be challenged.


Our credibility is our most protected asset and we conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do at all times. 

Our reputation, as individuals and as a firm is paramount. 

We believe and live by the fact that there is not shortcut to greatness. 


We understand that  accountability is our guide and compass for our actions, inactions and decisions. We are results-oriented group of people. 


We deliver on our commitment to our limited partners, our future partners, and one another.


We live in a world where changes are happening faster than ever before. Technology advancements have provided a huge amount of opportunities that have transformed many sectors and will transform every industry as we know it today.


Teamwork is at the heart of how we understand progressive thinking and how we operate. We believe that operating proactively and collaboratively is the only way to unleash full potential of the team and to achieve the best possible results. 


We continually look to help and challenge one another and work together towards the overall vision of our company. 

We know from experience that we can achieve much more collectively than any of us could individually.


We believe that having a diverse set of ideas will always provide much better results and richer outcomes. 


Hierarchy thinking is a blockage to progress and innovation. We see tremendous value in having a well-rounded, inclusive decision making process where titles and position don’t dictate the final go-ahead.

We believe that a team comprised with individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and insights will make us a stronger, more innovative and effective company.


People do business with people they like and trust. As a relationship-driven company, we are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. 


We know it takes years to build a strong partnership and reputation, and we also know that that those years of effort can be ruined in just a few moments. 

Linktia Culture

Our culture is based on the principles, respect, and admiration we share for one another as partners and how we see our skill set being complemented by each others capabilities. 


Our business is about how much impact we are able to create for our limited partners, for the companies we invest in, and for the countries we are focused on.


Our core principles are ingrained in every aspect and decision made in our company and they are reflected by the values we live by.

People and Social Development 


Wealth creation is different to Making money and is only sustainable if the focus remains in improving people’s outlook.

Business to Benefit Society 


Our personal view is that, championing businesses and capital deployment can become the best ways to change society for the better. 

Core Values
Linktia Principles
Entrepreneurial Spirit


As the cornerstone for advancement in the business world. 


We aspire to be the best at what we do and to lead by example.