Investment Profile


  • Our transaction ticket size targets the small and mid-range assets in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Direct Investments from $2 to $50 million in equity capital. 

  • We are interested primarily in controlling stake shareholding.  

  • We explore options to get in with minority stake in companies where the majority stake is not in play and there are strategic reasons, as well as greenfield opportunities to disrupt mature business models.  


Here are the current transactions we are working to launch: 

  • Three of them are profitable, and have passed the venture stage of their lifecycle.

  • One has a digital bank component which will be developed from within the brick and mortar bank.

  • IP long term investment platform.

Banking Sector
Telecom Distribution Sector
The Problem


  • Current banking structure provides an insufficient supply of credit.

  • Large financing costs in place which are unrelated to the underlying credit worthiness of enterprises and individuals.

  • Weakness in credit growth due to credit supply constraints affects mainly the SMEs.

  • Fragmentation of the financial sector reduces the efficiency of capital allocation and economic development in the long run.

  • Technology deployment is at a very low level, preventing significant efficiency gains in the financial sector while impeding financial immersion of the population.

Hospitality Services Sector
VC Investment Sector
Our Solution

The current market problem can only be removed though a new and more efficient approach to banking based on full digitization and a truly customer-centric business model to generate higher and sustainable revenues.



To set up the first Regional Investment Platform in the +$1trillion (GDP) Caribbean & Central America (CCA) region; focusing on capital deployment into the financial sector where there are significant untapped opportunities through:

  • Sector consolidation

  • Digital technological disruption

  • Overcoming market inefficiencies

Consolidation Focus 


Our Consolidation focuses in the creation of a top player in the Telco distribution sector in Dominican Republic and to set up the Top #1 National Telco Distribution Group in the country; by merging key players within the top 10 Telco dealerships. 

Significant untapped opportunities through:


  • Sector consolidation

  • E-commerce development

  • Wider product offering 

To Expand and Excel 


  • Linktia is building one of the top 5 companies in the hospitality services sector.

  • As the first acquisition of the group, the strategy is to expand this company into key geographic territories in the GCC and Americas.

Venture Capital

  • Linktia holds a long-term tech-based investment placement of an IP social/telecommunication platform with a global patented coverage.