A group of entrepreneurs lead by Jesus Blanco join forces to build an independent investment holding group focused on the media sector within the GCC region.


Linktia Group was formed and acquired under its umbrella several media companies based in Dubai.


Linktia Capital is launched.

Spin off from the media related businesses. 

PE investment structure of Linktia begins to build its foundations.

Gustavo de Hostos, a leading Dominican entrepreneur and Hospitality Consulting business expert in the MENA region joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.


Peter Baltussen, Former CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.

Dr. Diego Comin, a world class macro-economist joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.

Esteban Gomez Nadal joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.


Linktia acquires a controlling stake of a leading consultancy hospitality business in the GCC.


Linktia acquires a premier Assets Management Service provider in the GCC


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Several venture investments made within the tech-base arena and online platforms.

Joint Ventures with IBM digital agency and Corbis Corporation media licensing and Digital Services for the GCC region.


Established  Linktia Technologies; a JV company of digital and AI services