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  • Our transaction ticket size targets the small and mid-range assets in Private Equity, Venture Capital and Direct Investments from $2 to $50 million in equity capital.

  • We are interested primarily in controlling stake shareholding

  • We explore options to get in with minority stake in companies where the majority stake is not available and there are strategic reasons for us to enter the share capital

  • We develop Greenfield opportunities to disrupt mature business models

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What We Do

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Asset Management Services 
  • We acquired a Integrated Facility Management and Space Optimization company with operations in KSA, UAE, Kuwait and Egypt

IoT Product

  • We are currently developing an AI maintenance service platform (unique market product/offering) to serve our B2B and B2B2C market segments

  • One of our companies is a leading hospitality consulting enterprise in the GCC specialized in the implementation of complex projects, from hotels, F&B, Real Estate and supporting some of Saudi Arabia's giga-projects 

  • We are building a Digital Bank platform for key emerging markets 

  • We have created proprietary financial products to cater the unbanked-underserved population

Real Estate (Proptech)
  • We invest in real estate in key selected markets under the radar of large AUM holders, where the IRR are significantly higher (1st Phase)

  • Tokenize Real Estate assets (2nd Phase)

Our stats
  • +600 employees

  • 70 Technologist & AI experts

  • 4 countries operations

  • Our subsidiaries proudly serve clients such as:

       Amazon | Unilever | PIF | Royal Projects | Prada