Investment Philosophy


Linktia combines long term investment strategies, advanced technological implementation to contribute to sector disruption, with market consolidations and capitalizing on exposed inefficiencies to be in position to be one of the leading Impact Private Equity firms. Focused in the Caribbean and Central America; created to deploy capital into growth sectors across the region; while developing social and economic development and unleashing regional corporate champions.

Account at a Formal Institution (% Age 15+)

Borrowed from a Financial Institution (% 15+ that borrow) 

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Current Source of Funds

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Do Not Require Financial Services

Location to Far to Connect to Bank

Lack of Trust in Institution

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Market Evolution


By combining our global markets view with an in-depth insight into regional fundamentals, we focus in market strategies that offer the best long term value.

Discipline and Experience


Long-term investing requires discipline and experience. Our team have witnessed several market cycles in different emerging markets and established regions. This means that we have the perspective and knowledge required to navigate volatile markets.

Carribean and Central America

With a population of over 200 Million the CCA extended region is today one of the largest investment opportunities that has yet to be fully discovered.


There is a significant gap between the opportunity and the awareness from the investment community and capital deployment.


Our partners are savvy and fully vested in the region and we utilize our local understanding to maximize the macro-economic drivers and minimize risks, enabling us to see opportunity where others do not, and to be at the forefront of the investment horizon.

Preemptive Risk Assessment 


Our business model and financial analysis are always based upon a rigorous risk framework for each opportunity we investigate.


This is one of the critical factors to dictate the importance of the opportunity while carefully building a portfolio of regional champions that will meet our limited partners’ risk and return requirements.


We maximize our local information and networks to understand the main drivers and risks of the future cash flow of the businesses we explore.

Longterm Investment Strategy


In our experience, investing successfully means taking the long-term view. Our investment approach aims to identify business opportunities that have a long term run in sight, byusing fundamental market analysis while overseeing the valuations within the sector. 


This approach can often involve taking strategic decisions that may be at odds with the general market understanding and consensus. We believe there is where the investment sweet spots are found.