Investment Philosophy

Linktia combines long term investment strategies, and advanced technological transformation.

Our comprehensive investment analysis tell us, (a) that cutting edge technologies [can transform mature business models] powered by narrow AI & the immersive digital era we live in and (b) that the discovering of significant market inefficiencies, where technology brings the solution, is key to create long-term enterprise value.
Long-term Investment Strategy
We believe in the long-term approach to value creation and are convinced that outstanding returns can be magnified when there is alignment between the stake holders with regards to strategic insights, values to be embedded and the operational implementation of the technology transformation.
Market Evolution

Markets are developing at an increasingly rapid pace driven by an ever changing macro economic reality and the diffusion of new technologies. We strongly believe in the delineation of the world into a set of broad macro themes that connect with the key transformative technology trends,which are driving business opportunities and asset prices over the medium and longer term.

Under that premise, we understand the imperative reliance of a continuous research approach and macro economy studies ignited by these trends in order to position ourselves at the right juncture of the opportunities by foreseeing global technological disruptions that can affect our investment mandate.

Investment Matrix

Linktia Labs – Value Creation

Linktia research and investment team follows an investment matrix where a top-down approach is utilized by addressing the following key questions:

1. Where are the global forces that are changing our world pushing the markets?
2. Which innovation platforms will be the key catalyst of growth moving forward?

Under that premise:

• We position to utilize world-class macro research as the genesis of our investment thesis.
• As we deal with SME’s, we understand the imperative of correlating microdata with our macro research.



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