• Future Plans

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  • Linktia acquires a controlling stake of a leading consultancy hospitality business in the GCC.

  • Linktia launches its #1st PE fund structure to invest into a Telco Dealership Operator and Digital Bank within the CCA region.


  • Peter Baltussen, Former CEO of Commercial Bank of Dubai joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.

  • Dr. Diego Comin, a world class macro-economist joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.

  • Esteban Gomez Nadal joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.

  • Matthew Hiltzik, an attorney and media strategist in the U.S. joins Linktia as a partner.



  • A group of entrepreneurs lead by Jesus Blanco join forces to build an independent investment holding group focused on the media sector within the GCC region.



  • ​Linktia Group was formed and acquired under its umbrella several media companies based in Dubai.


  • Several venture investments made within the tech-base arena and online platforms.

  • Joint Ventures with international brands of Media licensing and Digital Services for the GCC region.


  • Linktia Capital is launched.

  • Spin off from the media related businesses. 

  • PE fund structure of Linktia begins to build its foundations.

  • Gustavo de Hostos, a leading Dominican entrepreneur and Hospitality Consulting business expert in the MENA region joins Linktia as a Co-Founder.