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What We Do

We discover and develop profitable market opportunities, tapping large potential economic and social gains in highly fragmented industries with significant market inefficiencies, where digital disruption has proven to be most effective.


These market conditions lead to significant margin pressures across the board, requiring focus on identifying sustainable cost savings, new revenue streams and scalable opportunities.


Our strategy for Latin America tackles the main characteristics of the region's business ecosystem; 

  • Most sectors are serviced by family owned organizations.

  • High barriers to entry in critical sectors of the economy.

  • Low tech nature of products and services offering.

  • Most sectors lack the presence of digital platforms of scale.

  • Very young and tech savvy population.

  • Low access to financial services.

In Spain, we select investment opportunities that can benefit from our unique relationships network to add value to their present set up.


We also leverage on the experience and track record of Linktia’s partners and on our worldwide network of experts and practitioners to provide first class Advisory Services mainly to Family owned businesses.

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Investment Characteristics


  • Entrepreneur led businesses

  • Technology advancementDigital Disruption opportunities

  • Experienced management team

  • Revenue streams growth Existing potential revenue stream

  • Favourable  consumer outlook

  • Strong competitive position

  • Favourable market fundamentals

  • Strong  value proposition

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Strategic Support


What sets us apart is our focus on Family Owned Business Groups, our experience and track record as well as our network of international recognized experts and practitioners. We can create high performing ad-hoc unique teams with the adequate experience and know how for every project.


We apply a philosophy of working closely with organizations, entrepreneurs and their management teams to reach a common understanding of business goals, develop the appropriate initiatives and performance benchmarks, and implement proven and new best practices and procedures.   

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Partnership Focus 


We believe that in this day and age long-term value and sustainable businesses can only be built with strategic partners that provide the day-to-day insight to the equation.


We believe that our future partners will excel if they are able to be critical part of the development and implementation of these insights, as well as the vision and strategy.

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Industry Focus 


We consider ourselves a “sector agnostic” company; although our main immediate focus in Investment projects lays in the Financial, Telco, Agro-Food, Energy and Retail sectors.


We believe that the amount of opportunities to build and grow sustainable and successful businesses in our target markets within these industries are unique.